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Are you prepared for Gogo’s upcoming LTE network migration?

Don’t wait to upgrade to AVANCE and risk losing your connectivity! If you’re currently flying with a classic ATG 1000/2000/4000/5000 system, you must upgrade your connectivity before 12/31/25 to guarantee seamless connectivity and performance. The cutoff will be here before you know it, and installation space is filling up fast. Contact Winner Aviation today to schedule your upgrade and take advantage of huge savings from Gogo. 

Discover the power of the Gogo AVANCE platform

Gogo is the leading provider of inflight connectivity in business aviation, offering a variety of hardware configurations and service plans to meet the needs of any operator, regardless of budget or aircraft size. Discover how the Gogo AVANCE platform can transform your aircraft into a true smartplane enabling web browsing, email, streaming, video conferencing, pilot apps, texting and calling, and so much more. Plus, Gogo is offering up to $50K in savings when you install an AVANCE system now. 

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When you want the best of the best, look no further than AVANCE LX5 – Gogo’s most powerful connectivity solution that connects you to the Gogo 5G network. Get more devices, more speed, more live experiences, and more bandwidth when you get AVANCE LX5, once available.

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Connect to Gogo’s reliable 4G network with AVANCE L5 and do everything digitally possible while flying. From video conferencing and web browsing, to streaming live TV and music.

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Gogo AVANCE L3 hardware and antennas.jpeg


For the budget-minded mission plan, the AVANCE L3 will give you internet browsing capabilities, email, texting and calling, and more. Choose from a variety of configurations and service plans to best meet your unique needs and budget, including an hourly plan with unlimited data.

Download the L3 datasheet

Gogo Vision 360


All Gogo AVANCE systems come standard with Gogo Vision, which offers a 3D moving map, destination weather, news clips, and more. Plus, you can upgrade to Vision 360 and get access to hundreds of popular TV and movie titles on-demand, as well as the hottest e-magazines right on board your own aircraft. Stream endless content without using your data plan and inflight Wi-Fi bandwidth, allowing you to keep passengers happy without spending too much on data or straining your connection.


Download the Vision 360 brochure

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